Having been an owner of businesses based in construction and property management for the last 25years, has provided the experience, acumen and relationships to assist in guiding your project from inception to completion. I believe our streamlined focus allows our expertise to be given to each project and clients the attention to gain exemplary satisfaction.

I was born and raised along the beaches of the South Jersey Shore and originally graduated from West Chester University. Getting the salt water out of your blood is not easily done and why Jay has extensive business relationships, work and makes sure his children also keep sand between their toes all summer.

For more than 15 years I was also a full time resident in Colorado where I was a business owner, school administrator, club administrator, coach, and most importantly father to my three beautiful children. I have multiple graduate degrees which I often joke “aren’t utilized at all”,  but do allow the ability to excel and become successful at anything my mind or team is focused on. My love and appreciation for treating people with honesty and integrity are paramount with how I conduct myself with clients, friends and new acquaintances. I welcome the opportunity to meet and speak about your ideas and thoughts for your project!

My story

How I Started

Jay’s career started on the East Coast with ties to the NJ Beaches and Philadelphia area, originally focused on leadership, education and coaching he was able to gain a foundation of key skills in working with people.

On weekends he started with small remodel projects, then moved on to various house flips, and also long tenured management for multi-unit commercial properties. Jay has high level communication skills which are necessary to guide, lead and direct teams and project completion. Not everything always goes perfectly, is stress free, or without hiccups – so having a calm, reassuring and knowledgeable personality on how to manage all situations is his greatest skillset.

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